Just print out this form, fill it out and send it with payment. Thank you.


Yes, I am sick of trying to find my pet's leash all over the house. I want to order a LEASHWATCHER.

My Pet's name is ________________________________
(Please Print)

My Name is ______________________________________

My address is ___________________________________


My Phone number is ______________________________

I will only call you if there is a seious question about this form. The information on this form stays with me.

I want the lettering on the LEASHWATCHER carved in



Please circle one..thank you.

If a lettering style is not circled, I will do whichever style I feel works best with your Pet's name.

Mail this form with payment of $11.99 to

Paul Pugliese 511 Tabor Street Long Branch, NJ 07740 (make the check or money order out to Paul Pugliese, thank you)

Any questions please call me (732) 870-3499 Thank you.

You will receive the LEASHWATCHER in about 2 or 3 weeks after I get your check or money order. Please do not send cash.

This price includes shipping and any sales taxes. You will get many years of service from this item.

You will be sent instructions on the easy assembly and installation of the LEASHWATCHER. It is very easy to do. Includes all hardware.

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